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Under My Bed Recordings, is a No-Profit label based in Milan (Italy), founded in 2001. Under My Bed is dedicated to home-recording productions. For us, do-it-yourself is a choice and an attitude, not (only) a budget issue. Hence, we preferentially produce minimalist folk, pop and, more rarely, electronic acts. We prefer to listen to Fe-magnetic supports, but anything else would be simply fine. We do love tapes indeed.

Contact us by :E-mail or written correspondence for information, material, interest or curiosity. Personal comunication is deeply appreciated. We strongly encourage to send us tapes. However, please check our demo policy, before submitting your music.

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5 Pezzi Facili Vol.1 5 Pezzi Facili Vol.2
5 Pezzi Facili Vol.3 5 Pezzi Facili Vol.4
5 Pezzi Facili Vol.5
Cinque Pezzi Facili:
Volume 1 UMB#014: Lorca/Pillow
Volume 2 UMB#015: Mr60/Frozen Fracture
Volume 3 UMB#016: My Dear Killer/Tettu Mortu
Volume 4 UMB#017: Morose/Campofame
Volume 5 UMB#018: Empty Vessel Music/Konstanzegraff

The Electric Dragon of Venus My Dear Killer
The Electric Dragon of Venus
Boring Machines. BM47
The Electric Dragon of Venus is the first full length record of MdK since Clincal Shyness. It was recorded with the help of ONQ and also features the appearance of other guest musicians, Piergiorgio Storti (Morose), Stella Riva (Satan is My Brother), Matteo Uggeri (Sparkle in Grey) and Gherardo della Croce (HMWWAWCIHCCW). From this collection of songs emerges the multifaceted nature of the project that blend the sharpness of the guitar-based noise feedback element with more feeble and delicate sounding episodes , always maintaining the minimal yet uncompromising character of bare naked song-writing. "The electric dragon of Venus" was released the 23rd of February 2013 by Boring Machines.
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My Dear Killer My Dear Killer
Clinical Shyness
The title of the album, Clinical Shyness, is definitely self-explanatory. The record was released in 2005 by a syndicate of labels, led by UMB and Boring Machines. This thirty-minutes-long song collection blends the intimacy of song writing with a complex landscape of ambient noises and feedbacks in which the melody of guitar arpeggios and the whispered murmurs are submerged. A walk through the hidden places where these little portraits of loneliness were sketched.
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Like Lamps On By Day Stefano De Ponti
Like Lamps On By Day
Like Lamps On By Day is the heap of more then ten hours of impros were selected, processed and reduced to 25 minutes divided into seven different pieces. This kind of procedure brought to light aspects and connections which were left unexplored; the result is a work characterized by a specific artistic identity that put the accent on the connection between pure research and poetic urgence. Jointly release by UMB and Old Bicycle Records on K7 and CDr, all of them hand packaged/pressed.
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Safe In Their Alabaster Chambers Empty Vessel Music, Apash Twenty Twelve, Magnetic Poetry
Safe In Their Alabaster Chambers
Safe in their alabaster chambers is is the second volume of the murmured poetry series. It is a tribute to Emily Dickinson, and features the lyrics of "Safe in their Alabaster Chambers" as well as an accompanying instrumental rendering as interpreted by Empty Vessel Music, Apash Twenty Twelve and Magnetic Poetry (previously members of Mesta). The record is to be released 15 October 2013, in 75 copies, limited editon, multi-layer transparent paper and cardboard. The drawings are by Jennifer Jo Oakley (Empty Vessel Art). It also possible to listen to it in streaming: Safe/Alabaster/Chambers.
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Washing in Dirthy Water Acid Jack Flashed
Washing in Dirty water
Washing in dirty water is a collection of 15 pages ripped from a diary. The first part of a story. Recorded in the same order as they were composed, these songs are the chronicle of a season, the start of a trip that changes life. It's got ups and downs, hope and despair, folk and garage, pop and punk, cellos and fuzz. Released in 125 copies, the first pressing is now sold-out. Reissued the 15th February 2014, with cherry red hard carborard and acetate sleeves, in 95 copies only (UMB#36.MkII).
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crtvrt CRTVRT
Here it Comes: Tramontane!
Crtvtr is a band from Genoa, Italy. Their music is suspended between Washington post punk and a touch of diverted contemporary psychedelia. Splatters of post rock, sprays of math. They are a power trio and they like to experiment with full range dynamics. We are glad to coproduced their first LP "Here it comes, Tramontane!", which features the appearance of Mike Watt, together with an extended syndicate of DIY labels (To Lose La Track, Mia Cameretta Records, Buridda Distro, Dreaming Gorilla Records, QSQDR, Human Feather, Hysm?, TenZenMen).
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TCSFB The Colours Seen From Behind
Take to the Ocean and hit the Sun
The Colours Seen From Behind is the solo work of Mauro Costagli, the man behind OuZeL rec and also members of Lo-fi Sucks!, and previously in Morose and ONQ. TCSFB has been, until recently, mainly a recording project, aiming at different types of sound - say, indierock when he played in line-ups with guitars, bass and drums, as well as more experimental setups when accompanied only by a cello and a cajon. In late 2011 Mauro recorded four songs that will be released in Autumn 2012 as an EP entitled Take to the Ocean and Hit the Sun as a joint effort of long time partners in crime Ouzel rec and Under My Bed.
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Veicolo Interiore Lo Scriffo Lobo
Il Veicolo Interiore
Lo Sceriffo Lobo, after several years of self-segregation in his bedroom hypnotised by his consoles' collection, discovered the beauty of travel and movement. The undisputable verve of his jingle-like songs touches some of the most compelling contemporary themes: work, mobility, traditions, truth and old age. All songs are less than 2-minutes long and are characterised by a pop-punk attitude combined with a taste for electro-dance beats and howling sinths. Released jointly by Marsiglia and Under My Bed.
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fields of corn Bob Corn & Matteo Uggeri
Fields of Corn
Fields of Corn is a joint project of Matteo Uggeri (Hue, Sparkle in Grey, Der Einzige) and Bob Corn. It is a collection of ambient recordings, taken in two sessions: the first, in 2009, amongst Tiziano Sgarbi's parents, the village people and few shops; the second, in 2011, during Musica nelle Valli. The tracks sung by Bob and recorded by Matteo sound very much like a dense, discreet soundtrack to a short film featuring side roles. In the background, there's the persistent singing of an unidentified bird, possibly the same one that had accompanied Matteo and Bob's walks two years earlier. Jointly release by Grey Sparkle, Fooltribe, Boring Machines and with a small contribution from Under My Bed.
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Vuoti a Perdere ------
Collezionando Vuoti a Perdere
Collezionando vuoti a perdere is a little collection of songs, in Italian, inteded to be a one-release project and, if you like, a shot to nothing. The record is the picture of warm and solitary summer nights spent is a city deserterted by human being, sketched by acoustic guitars, soft vocals, improvvised percussions and reverberation. Recorded in a living room, with a couple of microphones in what can be defined as nothing but DIY style, it perfectly suits the purpose. Of the record and of Under My Bed. Comes in a heavy cardboard printed envelope and acetate insert sleeve. 25 copies only.
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ten years of secret mixtapes AA.VV.
Ten years of secret mixtapes
Ten Years of secret mixtapes (kept under my bed), is a compilation assembled to celebrate/commiserate the 10th anniversary since Under My Bed foundation (2001-2011). Released on the 18th of December 2011. Features: ONQ, Lebenswelt, My Shell, Baggage Claim, My Dear Killer, Campofame, Morose, Empty Vessel Music, Andrea Rottin, Father Murphy, Prague, Santo Barbaro, Sparkle in Grey. Graphics by Matteo Uggeri. 150 copies, limited edition. Dedicatd website
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Lullabies for Earlybirds My Dear Killer
Lullabies for Ealrybirds
UMB#029/Second Edition
My Dear Killer's Lullabies for Earlybirds is a very soft sounded 4-song EP. Home recorded with a casette four-track in Glasgow and mixed in the lake's land to mark the return in the motherland from the cold shores of Albion. It was originally released in 5 copies only (2011); the second edition 2012, labelled "Mk. II", features cardboard/acetate cover, new graphics and is also limited to 20 copies. Total Pressed (mkI + mkII) 25.
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ONQ, Canzoni Tutte Uguali ONQ
Canzoni Tutte Uguali
After two years since the release of "Desein Ohne Leben" by Bluesanct/Orphanology in 2002, ONQ returns as a one-man-band with the album "Canzoni tutte uguali". This is the fist recordf of ONQ sung in Italian and it is also the first work involving female singers. "Canzoni tutte uguali" can be requested directly to ONQ, via its website, or by mail-order either from Eaten By Squirrels, or from Under My Bed. Comes with a hand-pressed artwork. Each copy is therefore unique.
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30/11/16 - Lebenswelt' Shallow Nothingness in Molten Skies, OUT TODAY.
28/11/16 - MdK+Sping Makers @Slug Studio, Photo Report.
17/05/16 - Released: Blind Tarots, MdK+M. Uggeri/Modern Day Monks, Split K7.
01/05/16 - Released: My Dear Killer Clinical Shyness, Anniversary Edition. K7.
15/03/16 - Released: S. De Ponti Calce. CD + Photo Book.
17/05/15 - Released: Sleet, My Home Sinking.
09/02/15 - Released: Prague The Great Dark Nothingness. K7.
18/12/14 - Released: The Frozen Fracture Portraits of Wasted Youth in Distortion.
15/11/14 - Released: Burnt Circuits Kept Under My Bed compilation.

Shallows Nothingness in Molten Skies Lebenswelt
Shallow Nothingness in Molten Skies
Shallow Nothingness in Molten Skies is the first release by Lebenswelt in several years. It builds over, and restarts the journey from where it left, at Out is The Cow, Staring at Life in Rain and Corners of a drowning faith . And it couldn't have been otherwise. The record is permeated by profound vein of melancholy, that impregnates the melodies, through soft, respective, almost obsessive tunes dispersed in heavy reverberation, prepared guitars and sparse electronics. Part of the envelope series, comes in manila textured envelope, acetate and heavy cardboard xerography inserts, limited to 29 copies, CDr.
More on Lebenswelt website
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Blind Tarots My Dear Killer & Matteo Uggeri/Modern Day Monks
Blind Tarots
Blind Tarots is a split tape featuring the contribution of My Dear Killer & Matteo Uggeri (L'albero della Morte) and Moder Day Monks (The Shade of The Living Lights). The two side of tapes are like two side of a coin, showing related somewhat distant attitudes to appoach soft, minimilist, introspective folk. L'albero della Morte is a instrumental, half improvvisational and broken rithm episod overlayed and blended by a mesh of field recordings and sampling. The shade of the living light can as much be intended of unique composition, featuring a collection of sound sketched and songs. The tapes is hand stamped on hearvy recicled cardboard boxes, enriched by three tartots card to interpret fortune as much as misfortune. Graphics by M. Uggeri. 50 Copies only.
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Clinical Shyness 10 years My Dear Killer
Clinical Shyness
Repressing on tape cassette of My Dear Killer's first long playing Clinical Shyness, in occasion of the 10th year from its original release coinciding with ten years of activity of Boring Machines. Clinical Shyness is a collection of six short songs and an instrumental piece. It is intimistic, alternative folk, constructed over repetitive and almost ossessive guitar arpeggios, extremely feeble vocals and drenched in heavy texture of noises and feedbacks. Basically, a rather remarkable portrait of skizofrenic loveless paranoia, as the title suggests. The present version of the record contains subtly rearranged mixs of the original recordings and remastering for K7, all by MdK at MafarKa BoX. With Boring Machines(part of the 10 Anniversary series) and Old Bicycle. 50 Copies only.
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Calce Stefano DePonti/Nina Haab
Outcome of overlying minerals and organic sediments, shifted in the course of the millennia, the lime, in Italian ‘Calce’, is for Nina Haab and Stefano De Ponti the metaphor of an extended creative process. Transdisciplinary work, Calce was born in an ancient cave of limekiln. Listening to the territory and the people who have lived and still live there, the two artists have produced, gathered and shared a broad amount of audio-visual material, including images, interviews, historical documents, and soundscapes. Through processes of stratification and refining, these elements flow into a diptych of peculiar narrative and sound density, in which is dissolved the very possibility of an individual sensorial and mnemonic experience.
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My Home Sinking Sleet
My Home Sinking
Sleet is a pastoral fable with a resolutely vulnerable core - a ’60s folk narrative echoing through modern classical and ambient music. The fading Morriconian memories of Sleet evolve through a languid structured homage to Italian songwriters, embellished by weaving flute, cello, vibraphone, duduk and drums, like a prayer for human tragedy to a deaf and distant cosmos. Sleet is released in a limited edition of only 66 audiocassettes, with the first 6 copies sold including handwritten lyrics and a small portrait of vocalist & photographer Natalia Drepina. Presented in craft paper and letter-pressed cover. We are happy to contribute spreading 1/6th of them.
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The Great Dark Nothingness Prague
The Great Dark Nothingness
After several years in the silent room, Prague returns with a novel collection of songs much in its characterising style, self explicatively entitled The Great Dark Nothingness. This record follows the path of previous work by Prague and, might be, even a couple of steps back in a tortoise way towards its origin as a one-man-project. But, as always, these songs comes from the heart rather than the head, and are constructed on a delicate balance between intimate song-wring, intense, sometimes roaring, guitars and softly sparse arrangements. There for those who have the heart to listen to them. The Great Dark Nothingness is coproduced by Under My Bed and Eaten by Squirrels. It is available both on K7 and CD, both in heavy cardboard folder, individually stamped, in a limited number of copies (90 and 500 respectively).
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Portarits of Wasted Youth in Distortion The Frozen Fracture
Portraits of Wasted Youth In Distortion
Portraits of Wasted Youth in Distortion is the first release by The Frozen Fracture in over a decade. It is a collection of four semi-improvisation portraits which were sketched by direct take on-tape recordings using low-edge analogical equipment. Damon and My Mistake was recorded using a VHS and a shoebox recorder, Kim and Lorna, on a 4 track cassette recorder, which allowed minimal overdubs and additions. To maintain the directness of the approach, successive editing during mastering has been limited to equalisation and volume adjustment. The core of this project is centred on the use of small-power solid state amplifiers driven on and above the saturation edge by cloned and modified distortion units and line splitters so to obtain, in parallel and simultaneously, different ranges of saturation. The result are these four pieces catching different moods, mainly different shades of introspectiveness and melancholy (Damon, Kim, Lorna), and more robust hue of inadequacy, such as in the noise drenched, My Mistake.The graphic design and the pressing of the graphics has been developed and performed by Cosimo Rosa (Luigi VonTurin). 19 Copies, CDr.
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Burnt Circuits Kept Under My Bed Burnt Circuits Kept Under My Bed

Burnt Circuits Kept Under My Bed [umb#040] is 5th volume of Under My Bed compilations series; this collection of provides a snapshot in time of the ever expanding in number and qualities of, mainly, italian electro-acoustic and electronic scene. As in UMB tradition most projects involve minimalistic, DIY, Lo-fi, home-recorded deviated pieces. Features: 1Erore, Deison, Stefano DePonti, Fabio Orsi, Luca Sigurta', Matteo Uggeri, Spring Makers, Von Tesla, st.ride, Architeuthis Rex, Apoteke, Marta DePascalis, Maurizio Abate, Carlo Giordani & Andrea Marutti, Mace., Metzengerstein + IOIOI, Tettu Mortu, Deep Grass. Limited edition of 90 copies on K7, packed in an heavy recycled cardboard folder, ink stamped graphics, artwork by M. Uggeri inspired by the user manual of the Ampex 601, portable two-track recorder. More info at dedicated website.
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Balestrazzi/Uncodified Simon Balestrazzi/Uncodified
Eine Ballade/[Untitled]
Split cassette tape (number #10 of the Crash Tape series by Old Bicycle Records) shared by Italian pioneers of electronic-industrial-noise scene Simon Balestrazzi and Uncodified, aka Corrado Altieri. Simon Balestrazzi's contribution (Side A: Eine Ballade) is a long "ballad" divided in three parts (Dann, Bevor die Sonne kam, Kamen die Vögel), dedicated and inspired by Friedrich Dürenmatt's Minotaur. Uncodified (Side A) contributes two edgy, sharp and acid pieces, as suggested by the very titles Valproic Acid Dosage Forms and Chemical Stabilizers. This is a wonderful piece of work, ideally listened to in dark or in the sunshine, with close eyes. Packed in heavy black cardboard folder, and xylographic print artwork (by G. Aprile). Co-released by: Under My Bed/Old Bicycle. Limited Edition: 100 Copies, K7.
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The calendar Sparkle in Grey
The Calendar
One year after the release of Thursday evening, Sparkle in Grey complete a long-lasting, and much quieter sounding, project entitled The Calendar. The overall sound of the The Calendar is airy and ever-changing, accompanying the movement of the seasons from which transpires a delicate poetry, open to minimalist experimentation, like drops of water that find their way on glass, hair that has been bleached softly by sunbeams, leaves scattered around a court, and nights that consume the feeble light of sunsets. Whereas calendars typically enter our houses every new year, this rather special calendar will make its appearance just in time for the summer solstice, when days are close to never-ending. Packed in recycled gross cardboard, with hand stamped graphics and a 28 page booklet, in which twelve double-paged scenes, composes a perpetual calendar. Co-released by: Grey Sparkle/Under My Bed/Old Bicycle /Lizard /Moving Records & Comics. Limited Edition: 450 Copies, CD.
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Canzoni In Silenzio My Dear Killer Vs. Bob Corn
Canzoni In Silenzio
Live recording of My Dear Killer and Bob Corn, both just playing an acoustic guitar and singing, while sharing the "stage" for the itinerant house-show festival "Sottovoce:concerti fatti in Casa" organised by the RedBox association. The two acts have been amongst the pioneer of the so-called italian "bedroom scene" but have, during the years, followed different paths and taken different directions. In this C60 tape casette, edited by Under my Bed, Grey Sparkle and Old Bicycle, their styles, stripped to the bare essentials, are set back to back. The K7 comes in a heavy recycled cardboard box, with stamp-printed graphics by Matteo Uggeri. It has been mixed and Masterd @ MafarKa Box, with little to editing from the original recording by the staff at La Sauna. Limited Edition: 150 Copies, K7.
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In Case We'll Meet A Finnish Contact
In Case We'll Meet
In case we'll meet is the first work of A Finnish Contact, a project of Luca Freddi (electronics) and Fabio Valesini (guitars). A gloomy, immersive ambient soundscape of guitar and electronics textures, loops and samples, generating sort of a an imaginary soundtrack to an imaginary movie. The full length, co-released with Kohlhaas records, comes in a CD digipack featuring photography by Lara Bacchiega and artwork by Fabio Valesini, printed at Legno in Milan. Edition: 300 Copies, CD.
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The ducth courage The Dutch Courage
Collected Wreckages
The Dutch Courage is a noise semi-improvisational duo. Miss-working keyboards, filtered through home-made electronic combination of stomp boxes, usually modified to fit a specific purpose, and analogue echo-delay units provide a dense sonic texture, and an almost impalpable harmonic architecture, for extremely dilated and aerial quasi-acoustic guitar lines. Enriched, occasionally by the use of microphones placed in the rehearsal room to capture the atmosphere, intermittingly giving sign of their presence in the form of low tones murmuring or pitch screaming feedbacks, the band builds up a dark, cold, melancholic flux, often evocative, and reminding distant lullabies heard one hundred meters under water, in the middle on the ice-encrusted landplane, or on the top of sandy dunes in a desolated land The EP features a unique packaging, containing a mini-poster and a little novel associated with each episode. More here:~Wreckages. Limited Edition: 25 Copies.
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Under My Bed Recordings
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Mixed Tapes Kept Under My Bed
Volume 1
Mixtapes Kept
Under My Bed

Broken Keyboards Kept Under My Bed
Volume 2
Broken Keybords Kept
Under My Bed

More Tapes Kept Under My Bed
Volume 3
More Tapes Kept
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10 years of secret mixtapes
Volume 4
Ten Year of Secret Mixtapes (2011)

Burnt Circuits <br> Kept Under My Bed
Volume 5
Burnt Circuits Kept
Under My Bed

  • My Dear Killer
    My Dear Killer was born in the middle of the nineties as project aimed at collecting minimalist song-writing, stratified on a mesh of noise, ambient and field recordings. The songs are built around few fragile chords and whispered vocals, often drowned in a sea of feedback or accompanied by field recordings. The new record entitled "The Electric Dragon of Venus" was recorded with ONQ and also features the appearance of other guest musicians, Piergiorgio Storti (Morose), Stella Riva (Satan is My Brother), Matteo Uggeri (Sparkle in Grey) and Gherardo della Croce (HMWWAWCIHCCW). It was released on the 23rd of February by Boring Machines.

  • THEfogINtheSHELL
    THEfogINtheSHELL started as a one-man-band. In the more classical Lo-Fi tradition it used to compose, play and record its own songs on tapes in what possibly is the warmest bedroom in town: with a view on a garage. Undoubtedly pivotal in the development of the Italian so-called bedroom scene, it gradually acquired a drummer, and subsequently grew in a full band form, embracing influences of post-rock and the hard-core roots of founding and current members of the band. They first LP, A Secret North was released by Dufresne records in 2004. Followed by "A Secret South".

  • The Frozen Fracture
    The Frozen Fracture: guitar stereo band, started as acoustic set-up but turned telectric shortly after that. The Frozen Fracture, has developed over a period of almost ten years, an extremely personal style exploiting the minimal organic of the band, forged a minimalist style researching towards the suppression of useless embellishments and technical exhibitionism. They achieve so by chiseling evolution and variation of simple melodic themes, making the best of metrical freedom associated with the absence of a rhythmic session.

  • ONQ
    Under My Bed is absolutely delighted to host the ONQ website. Luca Galuppini is the main promoter of the ONQ project, which started as, and, more recently reacquired the form of, a one-man-band. Undoubtly one of the most interesting musical project appeared on the Italian soil in the last ten-twenty years. ONQ has a vast back-catalogue which is freely downloadable. It has featured in several compilation and 7" mainly released abroad (Germany, U.K., and the US) while it has been substantially ignored in his own coutry: a crime against intelligence.

  • Morose
    Pointless as any other thing under the ruthless glance of the Sun and the pitying look of the Moon, Morose was born in 1998. The first recording consists of an untitled cassette, released by Italian indie label, Ouzel Records. After some short works ("Lifespace at a given moment", "Best regards from Hungary"), in 2003 Morose recorded their first full-lenght album: "La mia ragazza mi ha lasciato" (Cane Andaluso, Ouzel, Under My Bed), then they toured Italy and had some gigs in in London. In 2005 "People have ceased to ask me about you" (Suiteside) came to light, and some changes in the line-up took place. The new album "La vedova d'un uomo vivo", for the first time sung in Italian, has been released in Italy (Boring Machine, Shyrec, Ribess) and France (Travelling Music) in June 2009.

  • My Shell
    My Shell is the solo acoustic project, of Matteo, previously also in Nasten'ka and Buio Omega, amongst the others. My Shell composes melancholic, slow, reflective ballads, in which acoustic guitar, grandpiano and a feeble dash of voice are melt together in a subtle harmonic blend. My Shell is probably the most secretive and undisclosed pearl amongst Italian singer-songwriter.
Bands Currenly On Tour:

Davide Landini (Morose)
13/12/2016 + Alfonso Pierro
Rosso Cinque
, Milan (SP), It
16/12/2016 + Marco Monica
Il Clan Swan
, Parma (PR), It

Stay Tuned for Updates

:Tour Reports

My Dear Killer + Sping Makers
Slug Studio (29/10/2016) Rotterdam, Nl

Matteo Uggeri & Maurizio Abate
Occulto Night @ Achaea Medionauta, (30/05/15) Milan, It

Follow the link to previous tour reports =>
updated the 9th of December 2016