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Under My Bed Recordings, is a No-Profit label based in Milan (Italy), founded in 2001. Under My Bed is dedicated to home-recording productions. For us, do-it-yourself is a choice and an attitude, not (only) a budget issue. Hence, we preferentially produce minimalist folk, pop and, more rarely, electronic acts. We prefer to listen to Fe-magnetic supports, but anything else would be simply fine. We do love tapes indeed.

Contact us by :E-mail or written correspondence for information, material, interest or curiosity. Personal comunication is deeply appreciated. We strongly encourage to send us tapes. However, please check our demo policy, before submitting your music.

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5 Pezzi Facili Vol.1 5 Pezzi Facili Vol.2
5 Pezzi Facili Vol.3 5 Pezzi Facili Vol.4
5 Pezzi Facili Vol.5 Cinque Pezzi Facili:
Volume 1 UMB#014:
Volume 2 UMB#015:
Mr60/Frozen Fracture
Volume 3 UMB#016:
My Dear Killer/Tettu Mortu
Volume 4 UMB#017:
Volume 5 UMB#018:
Empty Vessel Music/Konstanzegraff
:Repress Series
Clinical Shyness 10 years My Dear Killer
Clinical Shyness
Repressing on tape cassette of My Dear Killer's first long playing Clinical Shyness, in occasion of the 10th year from its original release coinciding with ten years of activity of Boring Machines. Clinical Shyness is a collection of six short songs and an instrumental piece. It is intimistic, alternative folk, constructed over repetitive and almost ossessive guitar arpeggios, extremely feeble vocals and drenched in heavy texture of noises and feedbacks. Basically, a rather remarkable portrait of skizofrenic loveless paranoia, as the title suggests. The present version of the record contains subtly rearranged mixs of the original recordings and remastering for K7, all by MdK at MafarKa BoX. With Boring Machines(part of the 10 Anniversary series) and Old Bicycle. 50 Copies only.
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but, still available in the Catalogue is the origina CD edition.

The Baijkal EP My Shell
The Bajkal
The Baijkal EP is the first full release of My Shell for Under My Bed, following a string of contributions to our compilation collection. Although this record can be litteraly decribed as no-fi, having been home recorded with shoebox cassette recorded, it remains a brilliant piece of intimistic song-writing. We have been absolutely enthusiastic of this record through the years, and still are. Having been impatiently awaiting in vain, for a more complete and, just a little bit more polished, collection of songs from this outstanding act, we have remastered from the original tapes, and reissued the record in limited edition of 20 copies in 2017. Available from the 1st of September also via Bandcamp.
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ONQ, Canzoni Tutte Uguali ONQ
Canzoni Tutte Uguali
Canzoni Tutte Uguali was released after two years from the publication of Desein Ohne Leben by Bluesanct/Orphanology in 2002. ONQ returned then at its original form, that is a as a one-man-act, playing, recording, mixing and composing all the songs appearing on the record. As a result the sound results, apparently, less full than the when the band appeard as four-pieces, yet it just shows a different angle, and is enriche by tateful electronic arrangements and samplinh. This was the fist recordf of ONQ sung in Italian and it also was the first work involving female singers. Canzoni tutte uguali cames with a two-colour ink hand-stamped artwork, pressed on recycled manila paper: Each copy is then unique. It happened to be the last full-length release by ONQ. To date. Since the original editon has been long gone, ONQ agreed to repressed himslef a limited number of covers (15 only!), using the original stamps and material. The re-edition comes on black-faced CDr. This will be the last physical pressing of Canzoni Tutte Uguali. We expect the copies to go quickly. Don't miss a rare chance to get a gift for yourself, or anybody deserving it, as this is best-kept-hidden pearl of a record.
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Back in Stock 1st March 2017.

Portarits of Wasted Youth in Distortion The Frozen Fracture
Portraits of Wasted Youth In Distortion
Portraits of Wasted Youth in Distortion is the first release by The Frozen Fracture in over a decade. It is a collection of four semi-improvisation portraits which were sketched by direct take on-tape recordings using low-edge analogical equipment. Damon and My Mistake was recorded using a VHS and a shoebox recorder, Kim and Lorna, on a 4 track cassette recorder, which allowed minimal overdubs and additions. To maintain the directness of the approach, successive editing during mastering has been limited to equalisation and volume adjustment. The core of this project is centred on the use of small-power solid state amplifiers driven on and above the saturation edge by cloned and modified distortion units and line splitters so to obtain, in parallel and simultaneously, different ranges of saturation. The result are these four pieces catching different moods, mainly different shades of introspectiveness and melancholy (Damon, Kim, Lorna), and more robust hue of inadequacy, such as in the noise drenched, My Mistake.The graphic design and the pressing of the graphics has been developed and performed by Cosimo Rosa (Luigi VonTurin). 19 Copies, CDr.
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Safe In Their Alabaster Chambers Empty Vessel Music, Apash Twenty Twelve, Magnetic Poetry
Safe In Their Alabaster Chambers
Safe in their alabaster chambers is is the second volume of the murmured poetry series. It is a tribute to Emily Dickinson, and features the lyrics of "Safe in their Alabaster Chambers" as well as an accompanying instrumental rendering as interpreted by Empty Vessel Music, Apash Twenty Twelve and Magnetic Poetry (previously members of Mesta). The record is to be released 15 October 2013, in 75 copies, limited editon, multi-layer transparent paper and cardboard. The drawings are by Jennifer Jo Oakley (Empty Vessel Art). It also possible to listen to it in streaming: Safe/Alabaster/Chambers.
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Burnt Circuits Kept Under My Bed Burnt Circuits Kept Under My Bed

Burnt Circuits Kept Under My Bed [umb#040] is 5th volume of Under My Bed compilations series; this collection of provides a snapshot in time of the ever expanding in number and qualities of, mainly, italian electro-acoustic and electronic scene. As in UMB tradition most projects involve minimalistic, DIY, Lo-fi, home-recorded deviated pieces. Features: 1Erore, Deison, Stefano DePonti, Fabio Orsi, Luca Sigurta', Matteo Uggeri, Spring Makers, Von Tesla, st.ride, Architeuthis Rex, Apoteke, Marta DePascalis, Maurizio Abate, Carlo Giordani & Andrea Marutti, Mace., Metzengerstein + IOIOI, Tettu Mortu, Deep Grass. Limited edition of 90 copies on K7, packed in an heavy recycled cardboard folder, ink stamped graphics, artwork by M. Uggeri inspired by the user manual of the Ampex 601, portable two-track recorder. More info at dedicated website.
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:What's new in this site
01/05/19 - Morose's Sopra il tetto Sotto Terra out on the 3rd of May 2019.
22/04/19 - More collected reviews for Lebenswelt's Metaphysics of Entropy.
01/11/18 - Released: Lebenswelt's Metaphysics of Entropy, CD-r 50 Copies.
20/08/18 - Aldo Becca + My Dear Killer. Anguria #1. Free Download
08/05/18 - Broadcasting of Sad Cambodia on RAI Radio3 Battiti.
18/12/17 - Four-Hands Split Tape Quadrature released.
20/05/17 - Released: Sad Cambodia First Metheoretical Bulletin
Sopra Il Tetto Sotto Terra Morose
Sopra il Tetto Sotto Terra
Sopra il tetto sotto terra is the sixth long playing by Morose, and the second in which the lyrics have been composed in the native Italian language. Over more than 20 years of activity the act has developed a now refined, mature and very distinguishable in which song-writing and complex yet ethereal harmonisations finds a subtly and exquisite balance. The records can be seen as collection of tales, in which the characters attempt sometimes through tragic, sometimes through heroic, sometime through ironic efforts to comply and establish their own individual identity. These story are told by weary poetic lyrics accompanied musically by sudden epiphanies, melancholic withdraws, rushes of protest and turmoil and, at the end, of hopeless hopes. For the occasion Morose appear as a duo composed of project's founder D. Landini (Guitar and Voice) and long term band member, multi-instrumentalist P.G. Storti (Mellotron, Clarinet, Electric Organ and Guitar, Cello). The record will be released by Under My Bed and Ribss Records on the 3rd of May 2019.
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Metaphyics of Entropy Lebenswelt
Metaphysics of Entropy
Metaphysics of Entropy is Lebenswelt's 5th long release. Although moving further in the way of the subtly pervasive melancholic vein which characterises Lebenswelt writing, the present work concedes larger space to introspective song-writing, as apparent from the five central songs forming the conceptual core of the record, and framed by two long instrumental tracks at the opening (Unfinished Piece for Detuned Piano) and closing (Metaphysics of Entropy). The record also contains the re-edition of the previously released Illusions Hold, by the hands of Belaqua Shua. This work features the presence of several contributors: Pier Giorgio Storti (Belaqua Shua) on cello, clarinet, balalaika; Stephano Stephanowic (My Dear Killer) on guitar-based noise feedbacks; Luca Galuppini (ONQ) on musical saw and Mauro Costagli (Monetre, The Colours Seen From Behind, Lo-fi Sucks!) on drums. These additional contributions, mainly at acoustic and electro-acoustic instruments, provide a discernible tinges and shades to the floating, dreamy, suspended atmosphere of the record.
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Anguria Aldo Becca +My Dear Killer
Anguria #1
Anguria #1 stems from a live recording of an improvvised session at Spazio Elle, Locarno (CH), 15th of April 2018. Aldo Becca (AB): electric guitar; Stephano Stephanowic (MdK): acoustic guitar. Recorded by Attila Folklor. Mastered at Palustre. Free download. Feeling generous? Contribute throught the bands Bandcamp pages.

The Cold Plan My Dear Killer
The Cold Plan
The Cold Plan is the third extended playing by My Dear Killer. It follows on the step of its two preceding works continuing the journey and the exploration through often figurative locations which becomes here sometimes traceable on a physical map. The record moves across the disassembling and atomisation of human being social relationships, having dystrophic isolation as an unavoidable destination. The tunes and harmonic scenery are then designed to embrace the atmosphere of this quiet-yet-conscious desolation. The pieces are composed by an ever so minimal overlay of ambient, analogue and synthetic landscapes, layered of soft, dilated, guitar tunes that leave the dense noises mesh which characterised previous MdK works just at the level of sporadic episodes. The half-conclusive nature of the mixes serves to convey the nature of void and the unsolved feeling of dismemberment which pervades the record. The Cold Plan is the result of the collaboration of S. Stephanowic (Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Voice, Tapes, Effect, Samples ) and S. De Ponti (Electric Guitar, Double Bass, Synths, Samples). The graphics have been designed by M. Uggeri. The record will be released on the 28st of February 2018 by UMB & EeeE , and will be accompanied by a video excerpt for the track Skyscrapers, realised by Theodor Guelat.
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Sad Cambodia, Metheoretical Bulletin Sad Cambodia
First Metheoretical Bulletin
First Metheoretical Bulletin, as name says, is the first release of Sad Cambodia, a collaboration duo composed by Stefano (My Dear Killer) and Massimo Onza (Wound). The project was born with the aim of finding a common ground for expression, in an attempt of mixing analogue electronics and acoustic instruments, mainly guitars. Along this path, synths, reverb pulses, objects, samples and noises met dispersed variations over acoustic string drawings. The result are these two tracks, which move towards keeping together the free-form tensions with rarefied, at times, almost melodic parts, alienating passages and post-rock flavour spaces. To summarise the blending of discordant mixtures drifting towards melancholic horizons, we coined the neologism Metheoretical, stemming from theoretical and meteorological. In our sad Cambodia, over the constant rain and heat of the monsoon, can you feel some distant bird singing in the forest? You might, in this first bulletin. Coproduced by Under My Bed & Sincope .
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Quadrature Attilio Novellino/Drekka/Simon Balestrazzi/Ennio Mazzon
Quadrature is a collection of four pieces, by four acts which were invited by Under My Bed to contribute at this collective work because of sharing common attitudes with respect to music, that is experimenting with either concrete or electronically/digitally generating sounds, and its making, having all pioneered and/or pursuing home recording as a form of creative freedom. The title, of this collective work quadrature, stems from a common detection technique of electrical waveform, in which contribution from signal with are phase orthogonal can be separated and monitored simultaneously. This is purposely reflected in the two sides of the tape in which, whereas the single tracks conserve the characteristic expressive style of each of the contributing artists, a sense of almost constant flow and that of unity can be perceived. The end results is that of spacey, dreaming and floating walk through sometimes alien sometimes factual ambient concluded by a sudden rhythmical and situational awakening. The graphics has been designed by M. Uggeri. Limited edition of 70, numbered, copies on tape cassette.
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Shallows Nothingness in Molten Skies Lebenswelt
Shallow Nothingness in Molten Skies
Shallow Nothingness in Molten Skies is the first release by Lebenswelt in several years. It builds over, and restarts the journey from where it left, at Out is The Cow, Staring at Life in Rain and Corners of a drowning faith . And it couldn't have been otherwise. The record is permeated by profound vein of melancholy, that impregnates the melodies, through soft, respective, almost obsessive tunes dispersed in heavy reverberation, prepared guitars and sparse electronics. Part of the envelope series, comes in manila textured envelope, acetate and heavy cardboard xerography inserts, limited to 29 copies, CDr.
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Blind Tarots My Dear Killer & Matteo Uggeri/Modern Day Monks
Blind Tarots
Blind Tarots is a split tape featuring the contribution of My Dear Killer & Matteo Uggeri (L'albero della Morte) and Moder Day Monks (The Shade of The Living Lights). The two side of tapes are like two side of a coin, showing related somewhat distant attitudes to appoach soft, minimilist, introspective folk. L'albero della Morte is a instrumental, half improvvisational and broken rithm episod overlayed and blended by a mesh of field recordings and sampling. The shade of the living light can as much be intended of unique composition, featuring a collection of sound sketched and songs. The tapes is hand stamped on hearvy recicled cardboard boxes, enriched by three tartots card to interpret fortune as much as misfortune. Graphics by M. Uggeri. 50 Copies only.
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Under My Bed Recordings
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Mixed Tapes Kept Under My Bed
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Broken Keyboards Kept Under My Bed
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10 years of secret mixtapes
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Ten Year of Secret Mixtapes (2011)

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Burnt Circuits Kept
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  • My Dear Killer
    My Dear Killer was born in the middle of the nineties as project aimed at collecting minimalist song-writing, stratified on a mesh of noise, ambient and field recordings. The songs are built around few fragile chords and whispered vocals, often drowned in a sea of feedback or accompanied by field recordings. The new record entitled "The Cold Plan" was recorded with Stefano DePonti and was released on the 28th of February 2018 by UMB and EeeE.

  • THEfogINtheSHELL
    THEfogINtheSHELL started as a one-man-band. In the more classical Lo-Fi tradition it used to compose, play and record its own songs on tapes in what possibly is the warmest bedroom in town: with a view on a garage. Undoubtedly pivotal in the development of the Italian so-called bedroom scene, it gradually acquired a drummer, and subsequently grew in a full band form, embracing influences of post-rock and the hard-core roots of founding and current members of the band. They first LP, A Secret North was released by Dufresne records in 2004. Followed by "A Secret South".

  • The Frozen Fracture
    The Frozen Fracture: guitar stereo band, started as acoustic set-up but turned telectric shortly after that. The Frozen Fracture, has developed over a period of almost ten years, an extremely personal style exploiting the minimal organic of the band, forged a minimalist style researching towards the suppression of useless embellishments and technical exhibitionism. They achieve so by chiseling evolution and variation of simple melodic themes, making the best of metrical freedom associated with the absence of a rhythmic session.

  • ONQ
    Under My Bed is absolutely delighted to host the ONQ website. Luca Galuppini is the main promoter of the ONQ project, which started as, and, more recently reacquired the form of, a one-man-band. Undoubtly one of the most interesting musical project appeared on the Italian soil in the last ten-twenty years. ONQ has a vast back-catalogue which is freely downloadable. It has featured in several compilation and 7" mainly released abroad (Germany, U.K., and the US) while it has been substantially ignored in his own coutry: a crime against intelligence.

  • Morose
    Pointless as any other thing under the ruthless glance of the Sun and the pitying look of the Moon, Morose was born in 1998. The first recording consists of an untitled cassette, released by Italian indie label, Ouzel Records. After some short works ("Lifespace at a given moment", "Best regards from Hungary"), in 2003 Morose recorded their first full-lenght album: "La mia ragazza mi ha lasciato" (Cane Andaluso, Ouzel, Under My Bed), then they toured Italy and had some gigs in in London. In 2005 "People have ceased to ask me about you" (Suiteside) came to light, and some changes in the line-up took place. The new album "La vedova d'un uomo vivo", for the first time sung in Italian, has been released in Italy (Boring Machine, Shyrec, Ribess) and France (Travelling Music) in June 2009.

  • My Shell
    My Shell is the solo acoustic project, of Matteo, previously also in Nasten'ka and Buio Omega, amongst the others. My Shell composes melancholic, slow, reflective ballads, in which acoustic guitar, grandpiano and a feeble dash of voice are melt together in a subtle harmonic blend. My Shell is probably the most secretive and undisclosed pearl amongst Italian singer-songwriter.
:Hybernated & Exprired
  • Fong
    Listen to something that, according to this ensamble manifesto, does NOT exist: music.
  • Belongs To Me
    Belongs To Me was a one-man-band performing a psycho-minimal spaced-out, dreamy and, definitely compltely bonkers, lo-fi songwriting. Warning might be bizarelly addictive. ...Still alive in a new incarnation.
  • Something Faded
    Low fidelity extended to indie rock. Deceaded.
  • Nasten'ka
    Nasten'ka were the finest of the Lakes' land ancestors and early 90s local heroes pioneers. Deceased.
  • The Popper Pop
    The Popper Pop were a surrogate of indie-pop mixed with tasteful southern rock and spicy alt.country aftertaste. Best liked for a rather good pinch of randomness. Deceased.
  • Baggage Claim/Pillow
    Sleepwalking songwriting with classical and ambiental sample expansions. Hibernated.

Bands Currenly On Tour:

26 April 2019 - Parma @ Circolo Giovane Italia

:Tour Reports

My Dear Killer + AB
Radio Gwen (14/04/2018) Chiasso, CH

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