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write to: Stefano Santabarbara
Via delle Ville 27
21029 Vergiate (Va)

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The Under My Bed Recordings loves to listen to your demo-tapes. We accept other supports, such as inch tapes and even CDr. Please do not send mp3 files via email before having been granted permission. If you do so we will have to delete your message because of mail-box space limitations. Moreover, it is rude. We do not check out bands demo on my space; life's too short. If you think we can help, send us a hard-copy support. We do always reply to your enquiries, generally by e-mail, so please provide an address. However, if you have released a printed CD, we can be of little use, as we are a tape-label, and you are already a few steps ahead.

The Under My Bed Recordings is dedicated to home recording productions, involving singer-song-writing, either folk or pop oriented, minimal electronic as well as analogue/digital/concrete/noise soundscapes. We recomend to listen to some of the music which is available in streaming or download from our site for free, so to have an idea of what we are interested in. We are not interested in radio-friendly popular melodic material inspired by whoever has broken or is breaking the charts you name them. We do not do Hard-Core, Disco Punk, Electro (and any other sort of) Dance (unless you are Coil), Ethnic or New Age, Ska or Reggae, Hip Hop or R&B. If you consider your act to fall into any such categories, there is a large number of respectable (and not) labels who might be interested but those are not us.
We send all demos for review to "L'olio di Ricino", however we are not responsible for their opinions, and they have been pretty quiet for a while.
[Update March 2013]