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Pointless as any other thing under the ruthless glance of the Sun and the pitying look of the Moon, Morose was born in 1998. The first recording consists of an untitled cassette, released by Italian indie label, Ouzel Records. After some short works ("Lifespace at a given moment", "Best regards from Hungary"), in 2003 Morose recorded their first full-lenght album: "La mia ragazza mi ha lasciato" (Cane Andaluso, Ouzel, Under My Bed), then they toured Italy and had some gigs in in London and Southern England. In 2005 "People have ceased to ask me about you" (Suiteside) came to light, and some changes in the line-up took place. Meanwhile, the band shared the stage with The Microphones, Sin Ropas, Ant, Azure Ray, Iso 68, Baby Dee, Mi and L'Au, (r), and Okkervil River. Waiting for Hades' eternal embrace, in 2006 a third album came to darkness, "On the back of each day" (Suiteside) and again the band toured Italy and France.
The new album "La vedova d'un uomo vivo", for the first time sung in Italian, has been released in Italy (Boring Machines, Shyrec, Ribess) and France (Travelling Music) in June 2009. In 2012 they have released a split in Volume 4 of "Cinque Pezzi Facili" entitled "Dell'amore e dei suoi fallimenti", which is conterparted by the instrumental contribution of Campofame entitled "Deleted Scenes". As Jacques Rigaut wrote, "The only means which is granted us to express our contempt for life is to accept it".
Some more information available at the band website:
moroseismorose @myspace
SexLikeAnX @youtube

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:Sound Samples
sound samples
"Mario Malano" from self titled:

"Postcard from Hungary" from Best regards from Hungary:

"Protect Me From My Friends" from La Mia Ragazza Mi Ha Lasciato:

"Words as Playthings" from People have ceased to ask me about you :

"Lungo La Strada" from La vedova d'un uomo vivo :


:Long Playing/Extended Playing


Cinque Pezzi Facili

Cinque Pezzi Facili, Volume 4

Morose, Dell'amore e dei suoi Fallimenti:
01. Musica nelle valli di lacrime
02. Nelle Mie Pagine Bianche
03. La Nuova Caledonia
04. Il Desiderio
05. Sino a Che
Campofame, Deleted Scenes:
06. Nothing Personal
07. Tallin
08. Attitudes
09. Neighbourhood
10. Daughter

Morose were: Davide Landini: voice, acoustic guitar; Pier Giorgio Storti: farfisa, voice, clarinet, cello, rattles; Marco Monica: electronics and sampling; Deborah Penzo: violin on traces #4 e #5; Emmanuel Pidoux: drums and voice on trace #2. Recorded and Mixed in Vestola/Parma by Marco Monica during February/March 2012



La vedova di un uomo vivo

La Vedova di un uomo vivo
Released by Boring Machines/ShyRec/Travelling Music

01. Elena dalle candide braccia
02. Cantimplora
03. Intorno a una donna dai molti mariti
04. Ancora una parola
05. Il campo ha occhi, la foresta orecchi
06. Tu m'hai detto
07. Un uomo perduto
08. Jacque
09. Lungo la strada

Morose were: Davide Landini, Valerio Sartori and Piergiorgio Storti.
Recorded, mixed, mastered: during the autumn & winter of 2008
at Mukaz Studio by Edoardo Savoldi



On the back of each day

On the back of each day
Released by Suitside Records (SS014)

01. We Guartee disappointment
02. Beginning of the end
03. Rain Dance
04. Foie de dinde
05. The eyes closed
06. Drowned gramophone
07. Haven't you noticed?
08. Cry laugh!
09. juròdivyi
10. Blessing in Disguise

Morose were: Davide Saranza, Valerio Sartori and Piergiorgio Storti.
Recorded, mixed, mastered: July 2006
at O.F.F. Torino by Marco Milanesio
and produced by Fabrizio Modenese Palumbo.


People have ceased to ask me about you

People have ceased to ask me about you
Released by Suitside Records (SS012)

01. Ich bin dcer grosse derdiedas
02. Words are playthings
03. Some squeaking bones
04. Francoise & Christophe
05. Un plasir funeste
06. Cascando
07. Imaginary Walk in Grozny
08. Mourning song
09. Lonesome

Morose were: d. Speranza, Mauro Costagli, Valerio Sartori, Federico Moi and Pier Giorgio Storti.
Recorded, by Mauro Costagli between 2004-2005
Mixed by Aguirre
and Mastered by Emilio Pozzolini.


La mia ragazza mi ha lasciato

La mia ragazza mi ha lasciato
Released by Cane Andaluso/Ouzel/Under My Bed

01. Wind took my hair away
02. Der grune punkt
03. Worse than a soap opera
04. I saw you crying on a bus
05. The lumber-room-man
06. There's no way to come to you
07. Going to Damascus
08. A lovely waitress
09. Three teaspoon of sugar
10. Protect me from my friends
11. I've built up a craft
12. when you wake up in the morning

Morose were: d. Saranza, Luca Galuppini and Mauro Costagli.
Recorded, Mixed and Mastred by Mauro Costagli and Luca Galuppini in their houses, on an 8-track recorder.

Available from Ouzel Records


Lifetime at a given space

Lifespace at a given moment
Released by Ouzel (ouz16)

01. Alas
02. 2 things
03. Not sure
04. More-moretti
05. Anthony Scalany no se preocupe
06. Feels krone
07. All in the mud
08. waste of time

Morose were: d. Saranza, Mauro Costagli, La carogna.
Recorded, Mixed by Mauro Costagli in their houses, on an 8-track recorder.

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