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My Dear Killer. was born in the middle of the nineties as project aimed at collecting minimalist song-writing, stratified on a mesh of noise, ambient and field recordings. The songs are built around few fragile chords and whispered vocals, often drowned in a sea of feedback or accompanied by field recordings and they are intended to be listened on (possibly biased) audiocassette, ideally in a parked car, by a frozen lake. My Dear Killer first LP, "Clinical Shyness" (BM01/UMB#02) was released in 2006 despite having being recorded a few years earlier. The record is characterised by what might appear a rather improbable combination of a landscape of noises and feedback overlaid on top of the soft, melodic, guitar arpeggios and buried murmured vocal, yielding an extremely personal sound at the border of noise and alt-folk. The sound characterising Clinical Shyness is clearly recognisable in the single "Glass Glow", the band contribution to the Boring Machines edited split 7" with Rella the woodcutter (BM33, 2012). A different perspective of the project, in which samples, minimal electronic glitches and field recordings replace the noise texture, characterises both the single "Forecast" (EBS1, 2004), part of a second split 7" also featuring Prague and the EP "Cynical Quietness" that is part of the "Cinque Pezzi Facili" split series released by Under My Bed (UMB#016, 2012), together with Tettu Mortu . The second full lenght album, "The Electric Dragon of Venus" , was released in 2013 by Boring Machines and featured the key collaboration with ONQ on the arrangements as well as the support of other guest musicians, Piergiorgio Storti (Morose), Stella Riva (Satan is My Brother), Matteo Uggeri (Sparkle in Grey) and Gherardo della Croce (HMWWAWCIHCCW). The multifaceted nature of the project became more evident, as sharpness of the guitar-based noise feedback element resulted more dispersed in feeble and delicate sounding episodes , always maintaining the minimal yet uncompromising character of the bare naked song-writing. In 2018 the third complete work of MdK, entitled The Cold Plan saw the light. In a sort of progression towards minimalism it features even sparser sound landscapes with only occasional episodes of screaming guitar noise. The album was recorded and features the participation of Stefano DePonti. It has been released in the 28th of February 2018 jointly by Under My Bed (UMB#52) and the new-born EeeE (Edizioni Etiche ed Estetiche). In 2019 MdK released a extended single piece instrumental composition, entitled "Dancing Marna" as a collaboration with The Cricket on The Radio. It was put out by UMB as digital release (free download) and very limited CDr edition of 10 copies. In March 2020, in the middle of CoVid19 epidemics, then pandemics, Boring Machines released the fourth, and conclusive MdK LP, "Collectable Items" (BM99). The record had a sort-of long gestation, having been recorded its bulk, quasi-acoustic, form already in 2014 (name-code "farfalle"). Most of overdubbing and arrangements were however recorded at the end in the winter spanning 2018 and 2019, and feature the contributions of P.G. Storti (Cello), G. Loffredo (Screwdriver-prepared guitar, organ, loops), M. De Pascalis (Synths), M. Laudati (synthetic string processing) and M. Uggeri (Sampling). The album mixing, at MafarKa BoX, Lake's Land, was assisted by A. Novellino. It is possible to listen to Collectable Items in streaming through Boring Machines' Bandcamp page. This record closes an ideal tetralogy started with Clinical Shyness, continued with The Electric Dragon of Venus and Collectable Items. It's ending where it all begun. And since it's a good bye, so long My Dear Killer.
Some more information available at the band website: Killing the killer
MdK On the net: @bandcamp; @soundcloud; @myspace.

:Sound Samples
sound samples
In the Mirror from Collectable Items

Dancing Marna from Dancing Marna

The winter's bride from The Cold Plan

The Scent of the Water from The Electric Dragon of Venus

If I, I you, If We from Cynical Quietness

Glass Glow from split 7" with Rella The woodcutter

Deserve from Lullabies for Earlybirds

A May Afternoon from Clinical Shyness

Smokers from Ouzel Compilation, 2004 Collage

Kelvin Bridge
Coutryside Arts Cafe'
:Long Playing/Extended Playing


Collectable Items

My Dear Killer
Collectable Items

1. Collectable Items
2. Lessons in hate
3. The train I have lost
4. In the mirror
5. The wish of winter
6. Tram
7. The right to ask
8. The football player
9. On the track
10. The archivist
11. Sick
12. Stolen Teabags

TECHNICAL: Performed by S. Stephanowic (acoustic and electric guitar, voice, noises, tape loops), P.G. Storti (Cello), G. Loffredo (Screwdriver-prepared guitar, organ, loops), M. De Pascalis (Synth, Organ), M. Laudati (synthetic string processing), M. Uggeri (Sampling).
Mixed by. S. Stephanowic @ Mafarka BoX, The Lakes Land, assisted by A. Novellino . Mastered by D. Clare at Declared Sound.



Dancing Marna

My Dear Killer & The Cricket on The Radio
Dancing Marna
UMB#X3 EP Digital Release.

01. Dancing Marna

TECHNICAL: Performed by MdK (Acoustic, Electric and Slide Guitar and Tapes) and The Cricket On The Radio (Sinth, Analougue Waveform Generators, Echo and Reverbs). Mixed by MdK & TCOTR @ Mafarka BoX, The Lakes Land.



The Cold Plan

My Dear Killer
The Cold Plan
UMB#52/EeeE LP, 12".

01. Skinburness (Pt. 1)
02. Forecast
03. Your Favourite Bar
04. Back to Mine
05. The Winter Bride
06. I Won't Blame You
07. The Thief
08. Daffodiels
09. Silloth
10. I Am a Part of This Machinery
11. The Answer
12. Skyscrapers
13. Smokers
13. Skinburness (Pt. 2)

TECHNICAL: Performed by MdK (Acoustic, Electric and Slide Guitar, Voice, Filtered Organ, Sampling and Tapes) and Stefano DePonti (Sinth, Guitar, Double Bass). And with the collaboration of: Eleonora Pellegrini (Voice on Daffodiels). Mixed by Stefano Deponti with MdK assistance who mastered it @ Mafarka BoX, The Lakes Land. Graphics by Matteo Uggeri, printed at Legno (Milan) and individual developped photographs by D. Ligato whom also took the snapshot. Released in collaboration by Under My Bed and EeeE



Electric Dragon of Venus

My Dear Killer
The Electric Dragon of Venus
Boring Machines (BM47). LP, 12".

01. The Electric Dragon of Venus (Pt.1)
02. Good Night
03. Mild Eyes
04. Due
05. Frozen Lakes
06. Nighttimes
07. Glass Glow
08. Scent of The Water
09. Magnetic Storm
10. The Electric Dragon of Venus (Pt.2)

TECHNICAL: Performed by MdK (Acoustic, Electric and Slide Guitar, Voice, Filtered Organ, Sampling and Tapes) and ONQ (Harmonic Saw, Prepared Hawaiian Guitar, Synths). And with the collaboration of: Pier Giorgio Storti (Cello, Vibraphone), Stella Riva (Trombone), Matteo Uggeri (Samples and Field Recordings), Gherardo della Croce (Electronic and Ambient Noise), Tea Batilova and Daria Salomakha (Narrating Voices).
Mixed and Mastered @ Mafarka BoX by MdK.



Cynical Quietness

My Dear Killer/Tettu Mortu
Cinque Pezzi Facili. Volume 3. EP.

My Dear Killer, Cynical Quietness:
01. Waves
02. The rules Behind
03. Reasons
04. If I, If You, If We,
05. Just
Tettu Mortu, Bounce:
06. Whalen
07. Xylt
08. Ponteggi
09. Baxter
10. Stanno ancora la'

TECHNICAL:Recorded the 6-7 October 2011, in the Lakes Land, on a Teac Tascam 80-8 Recorder, with only six functional tracks. Field Recordings were taken in Glasgow, Scotland, U.K. and Milan, Italy. The narratig voice is Oliver Postgate, from Bagpuss. Mixed and Mastered by MdK @ MafarKa Box.


Lullabies for Earybirds

My Dear Killer
Lullabies for Earlybirds. EP.
(UMB#029) Limited Editions: MkI (5 Copies); MKII (20 Copies)

01. Back to Mine
02. Deserve
03. One Day or Another
04. The Scent of the Water

TECHNICAL: Recorded April 2010 on a Teac Tascam 424 Mk3
Cassette Tape Recorder Mixed and Mastered November 2010 by MdK @ MafarKa BoX. NOTES: Limited editions: MkI, scarlet carboard sleeve, 5 copies (sold out); MkII, crimson cardboard and acetate sleeve, 20 copies (available).


The Rules Behind My Dear Killer/My Shell/The Frozen Fracture
Shelling the Killer, Killing the Shell

Three version of "the rules behind":
01. My Dear Killer: Violin edit
02 My Shell: Piano and tape noise edit
03. The Frozen Fracture: Instrumental Karaoke edit

"Free Download"

MDK TECHNICAL: Recorded in 2000 by a Toshiba VHS recorder, direct-take from mixer+microphones. Mastered April 2008, using a Tascam 424 MK3 casette recorder a Boss GE-7 Graphic equaliser and a home-built modified version of the MXR Dynacomp design; @The Burroughs, London.


My Dear Killer
Clinical Shyness. LP.
(Boring Machines/Under My Bed/Eaten By Squirrels)

01.A May Afternoon
02.Clinical Shyness
03. The Wish Talker
04. Phone Calls
05. (I Fear) Time
06. Words
07. To Apologise

Read what the "experts" are saying about Clinical Shyness.
TECHNICAL: Clinical Shyness was originally recorded by a TEAC 80-8 reel-to-reel recorder by Stefano S. and Lorenzo T in 2001. A series of additional recordings have been added in 2002 (by S.S. and Marco G.), 2003 (by S.S and L.T.) and in the summer (by. S.S. and Mauro M.) and the winter (by S.S. and Nicola E.) of 2005.
Mixed @ The Burroughs and Mastered @ MafarKa Box between December 2005 and February 2006 by MdK. Released in definitive form:01 May 2006.


My Love, A Definition

My Dear Killer/The Fog In The Shell
My Love, A Definition. EP.

My Dear Killer, My Love: A Waitress
01. The Right to Ask
02. On The Track
03. The Football Player
04. The Archivist
The Fog In The Shell, My Love: A Slumber
05. Song for M.
06. Sonf for E.
07. Song for A.M.
08. Sorry

NOTES: Re-issued in 2008 by UMB, after mastering (@MafarKa BoX) and with a new graphic layout, as in the picture.



My Dear Killer/Rella the Woodcutter

My Dear Killer/Rella The Woodcutter. 7".
Boring Machines (BM33).

TECHNICAL: Recorded during February/March 2011, at Magnetic Punch In Floor The Lakes Land, Varese, Italy, by MdK and Lorenzo Tubiana (Nasten'ka). Additional sampling from T.S. Eliot, The Waste Land. NOTES:Lyrics by MDK and Bob K.


Prague/My Dear Killer

My Dear Killer/Prague
Forecast/Save Me. 7".
"Eaten by squirrels". EBS01.

TECHNICAL: Recording November 2004 at 67 the Burroughs, London (U.K.) by MdK. Mastered @ MafarKa Box.



Ten years of secret mixtapes My Dear Killer - Nighttimes
Ten Years of Secret Mixtapes.
Compilation. (UMB#030).

TECHNICAL: Recorded on the 20th of October 2001 with a Teac-Tascam 80-8 Reel-to Reel recorder. The field recordings of children playing football were taken at the Botanical Gardens and the see-saw noises at Hyndland Park, both in Glasgow, Scotland, a couple of years before.


Collage 2004 My Dear Killer - Smokers
Collage 2004.
Compilation. OuZel Records.

TECHNICAL: Recorded the 28th of September 2003 at the MafarKa boX by MdK by a Sanyo cassete tape recorder (mod. M2511).

More Tapes Kept Under My Bed

My Dear Killer - Facing the Storm
More Tapes Kept Under My Bed.
Compilation. (UMB#20).

TECHNICAL: Originally recording on Easter day 2002 at the Magnetic Punch In Floor by Lorenzo T. and MdK. Addictional Recording June 2003 at MafarKa BoX. Noises by Fong.


Mixed Tapes Kept Under My Bed My Dear Killer - On The Track
Mixed Tapes Kept Under My Bed

TECHNICAL: Recorded during January 2002 at Grandville Place (East Finchley) by Alex Viccaro (Prague/Smou) and Mdk. Additional samplig (Phylipp K. Dick) edited by M. Guizzi (FogInTheShell).



easter EP

My Dear Killer
The Easter E.P. (UMB#22).

01. The scent of the water
02. Phone calls
03. The winter bride
04. (I fear) Time
0.5 One day, another.

TECHNICAL: Recorded during the Easter week ends of 2002 & 2004 on a 7-1 Teac Tascam 80-8 Recorder. Mixed/Bounds during November 2004 on an Ampex 910 by MdK @ The Burroughs. Mastered @ MafarKa BoX. Then lost due to tape destruction.


A Few Stacked Boxes
My Dear Killer
A Few Stacked Boxes. K7.
Side A
Lunatics are Rigth
Sweetest Killer (pt1)
Geri's Love Song
Sweetest Killer (pt2)

Side B
Notes to Self
I've missed you
Would you like to dance?
Woman's side
You've made my dreams become true
To S.

Radio Songs
Are yoy Wired? (AM)
Missed Contact (AM)
What I Am (commuter)
Bet, you said (FM)
Misha (FM)

The Teacup Session
The Teacup Song
The Rules Behind
Painting the Water Crimson
(I Fear) Time
It's a Part of the Game
TECHNICAL/NOTES: Assembled 17 Feb.2001 at MafarKa BoX. This is a collection of MdK's first four demo, that were all released on audiocassette. It is only available (on K7) on request and if you ask us very kindly. Drop us an email.

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