The Rules Behind:
Shelling The Killer
Killing the Shell

Written by My Dear Killer for The Teacup Session.
Performed by My Shell, My Dear Killer and The Frozen Fracture. Recorded: My Dear Killer and My Shell, October-Novermber 2000, The Frozen Fracture December 2004. S. plays the gitars and sings, A.plays the violin, M. plays the grandpiano and sings. Remastered at MafarKa BoX. Web release only; free download.

The rules behind is a story about revisions and revisions. There is always plenty of time for those. Driving a car on roads surrounded by woods. By the flickering reflections of moonlight over the lake. The music is barely listenable, submerged in the overwhelming noise of the magnetic tapes and the engines. The front lights of the vehicle driven by other lost souls at these times at night, are nothing but blinding. And thoughts are blurred. And the rules are left behind. Until the morning after.

Download "Shelling the Killer, Killing the Shell"

My Shell
(Piano & Tape Noise Edit)

My Dear Killer
(Original Violin Edit)

The Frozen Fracture
(Instrumental (Karaoke) Edit)

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