Mr60, with an EP entitled Rare Earths, Noble Gases. Now the band is in an almost constant hiatus, during which is working on a new collection of pieces tentatively entitled -We deserve a new beginnig to get back from where we started-. This will be, probably the frozen fracture conclusive act.">
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The The Frozen Fracture. Stereo Guitar Band. The band was formed in December 1997, as a guitar duo experimenting with desynchronisation of guitars lines, making the most out of the lack of a rithmic section. From 1997 to 2001, The Frozen Fracture has released a series of demo tapes, entitle My Mistake, An Un-usueful Introduction, The Thermal Sink, and The Party over the Lake Surface. Andrea left the band in 2001, and also due to the commitment of Stefano to its alternative project My Dear Killer, the progress in writing and recording songs sensibly slowed down. Nevertheless, The Frozen Fracture contributed a song called Electron Spin Echo Envelope Modulation to the "Mixed Tapes Kept Under My Bed" compilation in 2002. The band also took part in the Sylvia Plath tribute entitled I am vertical in 2003. For the occasion Gavin Baker, also in Billy Mahonei, Jet Johnson, Meets Guitar, Gliders and many more exciting projects, played the guitar and various kind ofpercussions, including and Hedgehog!. Another song called Kim is present on the 3rd volume of the UMB compilations "More Tapes Kept Under My Bed", released in 2004. Kim has been re-released, together with a song called Lorna, as a short demo, entitled Portraits, in 2005. This was meant to be a more extended collections of songs, but was limited to the best out-takes of a few recording sections, when the recorder broke down irreversibly setting an end to the development.
In 2006 The Frozen Fracture took part in the 2nd volume of the UMB split series "5 pezzi facili", which also features Mr60. The band contribution is entitled "Rare Earths, Noble Gases", and is a collection of episodes recorded in various occasions between 1999 & 2001. UMB repressed this volume of the Split Serie as well as Volume 1, with updated graphics and a mastering clean up in 2013.
In 2005, Niki joined The Frozen Fracture, hence, they were back to a full organic. Yet, she left soon after. So the band turned back to its almost constant hiatus during which is (allegedly) working on a bunch of pieces that tentatively constitute an album entitled "We deserve a new beginnig to get back from where we started". This will be, probably the frozen fracture conclusive act.
More Miscellaneous @ the band website ~TheFrozenFracture.

:Sound Samples
vintage neumann mic.
"Lorna" from Portraits of Wasted Youth in Distortion:

"I am Vertical" from I am Vertical:

"Echo Envelope Modulation" (re-edit) from Mixed Tapers Kept Under My Bed :

"Hidden ", unreleased:

"Polarised/Depolarised" from The Thermal Sink :

"When Violet Turns To Crimson" from The Party Over The Lake Surface :

"Violet Fields" from An Unuseful Introduction:


:Extended Playing



Portarits of Wasted Youth in Distortion

The Frozen Fracture
Portraits of Wasted Youth in Distortion

Portraits of Wasted Youth In Distortion
01. Damon*
02. Kim~
03. Lorna~
04. My Mistake*

TECHNICAL: S.S. Guitar, amplifiers, distorsion units, tapes. Sampling on Lorna are from Dylan Thomas' A Child's Christmas in Wales. Tracks recorded either with a Sanyo cassette shoebox recorder mod. M2511 , Vergiate, The Lakes' Land, Italy (1&4 *10-20 February 1997), or with. a Teac Tascam Portastudio 424mkIII, The Burroughs ~, London, U.K (2&3 ~3 October 2004). Tape recovery and Mastering October 2009 by MdK @ MafarKa BoX, The Lakes' Land, Italy. Graphical layout by Cosimo Rosa.
Under My Bed Recordings UMB#27.mkII A.D. 2014.


Rare Earths Noble Gases

Mr60/The Frozen Fracture
Cinque Pezzi Facili. Volume 2.

Mr60, Concepto:desperato.
06. Down the river
07. Lovely Eyed
08. Unfair
09. Rio
10. Minnesota TsuTsu
The Frozen Fracture, Rare Earth, Noble Gases.
06. Wobbling*
07. Noble Gases#
08. Spin Up Spin Down~
09. The Farmer#
10. Vials*

TECHNICAL: Recorded in The Lakes's Land: *10-20 February 1999; #3 October 2001; Recorded Live: ~ 20 October 1998; Matilda Caffé, Coarezza (Va), Italy; > Tape recovery and Mastering February 2006 by MdK @ MafarKa BoX.



The Frozen Fracture
01. Kim*
02. Lorna#

TECHNICAL: Recorded: * the 12th of May 2005, # the 24th of February 2005. At Magnetic Punch-In by MdK, Mastered at MafarKa BoX.


I am Vertical

The Frozen Fracture/Morose/Buio Omega
I am vertical
Sylvia Plath Truibute EP. (UMB#12)

The Frozen Fracture
01. I am Vertical
02. But I'd Rather be Horizontal
03. I am Vertical
04. But I'd Rather be Horizontal
Buio Omega
05. I am Vertical
06. But I'd Rather be Horizontal




more tapes kept under my bed

The Frozen Fracture-Kim
in More Tapes Kept Under My Bed.
Compilation (UMB#20)


Mixed Tapes Kept Under My Bed

The Frozen Fracture - Echo Envelope Modulation
Mixed Tapes Kept Under My Bed.
Compilation. (UMB#01)




The Party Over The Lake Surface

The Frozen Fracture
The party over the lake surface

Side A:
When Violet Turns to Crimson
Dancing Song
The Husband Without a Wife
Side B:
My Little Flourished Square of Desert
Arithmetic Song
Cm'on Guys

18-30 November 2000
into the MafarKa BoX
(24 Dec 2000)
Summer Edition
Magnetic Punch-in Floor
(18 Aug 2001)


The Thermal Sink

The Frozen Fracture
The Thermal Sink

Side A:
Zero Fiels Splitting
Sarah's Theme
Not Allowed Transition
Side B:

and mixed
into the MafarKa BoX
25-30 March 2000


an unuseful introduction

The Frozen Fracture
An Unuseful Introduction

Side A only:
Violet Fields

10-20 February 1999
into the MafarKa BoX


my mystake

The Frozen Fracture
My Mystake

My Mistake, Damon.

17 October 1998
into the MafarKa BoX


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