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  UMB01: Mixed Tapes Kept Under My Bed - Sold Out
  UMB02: My Dear Killer, Clinical Shyness - 10
  UMB03: Something Faded, Everyday Boredom - Sold Out
  UMB04: The Popper Pop, Texas Motel - Sold Out
  UMB05: Nasten'ka, 1995-1999 - Sold Out
  UMB06: Belongs To Me, Massimo Effetto - Sold Out
  UMB07: Kech, A Lovely Place - Sold Out
  UMB08: MyDearKiller/TheFogInTheShell, My Love: A Definition (split/Make II) - 5
  UMB09: Broken Keyboards Kept Under My Bed - 8
  UMB10: Fong, Manifesto - Sold Out
  UMB11: Belongs To Me, Alienix - Sold Out
  UMB12: FrozenFracture/Morose/BuioOmega, I Am Vertical - 5
  UMB13: Morose, La mia ragazza mi ha lasciato - Sold Out
  UMB14: Lorca/Pillow, 5 Pezzi Facili. Volume 1 - Sold Out
  UMB15: Mr60/The Frozen Fracture, 5 Pezzi Facili. Volume 2 - Sold Out
  UMB16: My Dear Killer/Tettu Mortu, 5 Pezzi Facili. Volume 3 - Sold Out
  UMB17: Morose/Campofame, 5 Pezzi Facili. Volume 4 - 7
  UMB18: EMV/Konstanzengraff, 5 Pezzi Facili. Volume 5 - 7
  UMB14-UMB18: 5 Pezzi Facili All Volumes - 20
  UMB19: Kech, Are you Safe? - Sold Out
  UMB20: More Tapes Kept Under My Bed - 8
  UMB20: Atlas Cedar, Bank Holiday EP - [out of stock]
  UMB22: My Dear Killer, Easter EP - Sold Out
  UMB23: My Shell, The Bajkal [Repress] - 6, CDr
  UMB24: Jeffrey Fields, Graceland - Sold Out
  UMB25: ONQ, Canzoni Tutte Uguali - 10
  UMB26: Mr60, Mista Sista from Outta Space - [out of stock]
  UMB27: The Frozen Fracture, Portaits of Waster Youth in Distortion (mkII) - 7
  UMB28: Dutch Courage, Collected Wreckages (mk II) - 7
  UMB29: My Dear Killer, Lullaby For Earlybirds (mkIII) - 5
  UMB30: Ten Years of Secret Mixtapes - 7
  UMB31: -------, Collezionando Vuoti a Perdere - 5
  UMB32: Matteo Uggeri/Bob Corn, Fields of Corn - 10
  UMB33: Lo Scriffo Lobo, Il Veicolo Interiore - 5
  UMB34: The Colours Seen From Behind, Take to the the sea.. - 7
  UMB35: CRTVTR, Here we come: Tramontane! - 10
  UMB36: Acid Jack Flashed, Washing in Dirty Water (mk II) - 7
  UMB37: Empty Vessel Music/Apash 2012/Magnetic Poetry Safe In Their Alabaster Chambers - 7
  UMB38: Stefano De Ponti, Like Lamps On By Day - 7 (K7)/5 CDR
  UMB39: Shaking Hand, S/T - Sold Out
  UMB40: Burnt Circuits Kept Under My Bed - 10 K7
  UMB41: A Finnish Contact, In Case We'll Meet - 10 CD
  UMB42: My Dear Killer Vs Bob Corn, Canzoni in Silenzio - 7 K7
  UMB43: Simon Balestrazzi/Uncodified Crash Tape #10 - Sold Out
  UMB44: Sparkle In Grey The Calendar - 12 CD
  UMB45: Prague The Great Dark Nothingness - 12 CD/10 K7
  UMB46: Sleet My Home Sinking - Sold Out
  UMB47: S. De Ponti/N. Haab Calce - Sold Out
  UMB48: My Dear Killer & M. Uggeri/Moder Day Monks Blind Tarots - Sold Out
  UMB2mk2: My Dear Killer Clinical Shyness (Anniversary Edition) - 10 K7/15 K7+CD
  UMB49: Lebenswelt Shallow Nothingness in Moltern Skies - 7 CDr
  UMB50: Novellino/Drekka/Balestrazzi/Mazzon Quadrature - 8 K7
  UMB51: Sad Cambodia First Metheoretical Bulletin - 6 K7
  UMB52: My Dear Killer The Cold Plan - 15 12"
  UMB53: Lebenswelt Metaphysics of Entropy - 10 CDr
  UMB55: Morose Sopra il Tetto Sotto Terra - 10 CDr

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My Dear Killer, The Electric Dragon of Venus (BM47) - 12" -15
My Dear Killer/Rella the Woodcutter, Untitled (BM33) - 7" -[out of stock]
Andrea Rottin Dwars Session - 10" - 12
AA.VV. Addosso (compilation, Ribess/ANPI) - 3XCD - 12
Occulto Issue "pi" - Magazine - [out of stock]

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