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The Popper Pop. In revolving motion from the first instrumental production resambling a crimonian mood (TecPop), are getting into somthing which could be considered much closer to a standard song format, but still percolated with a bad mood athmosphere. All in all it is the kind of tune which could be listened to in a Tokyo's commercial centre as well as in Las Vegas' Casinos.

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sound samples
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Oasis Motel

The Popper Pop
Texas Motel/Oasis Motel
(2 different titles, 2 different covers, the same album)
Just for him'n'just for her
Country western Band
The Surfer Cowboy
Dakota Girls (live)
Cop's (wild) Turkey
White Man's Blues
Customer Care
Texico Camel
Little Monk



Surf in Tokyo

The Popper Pop
Surf in Tokyo

Surf in Tokyo
You were the boss


The Popper Pop #1

The Popper Pop
The Popper Pop # 1
(6 instrumental songs)
Washing machine
Cop's motel
Manual trigger
Grandma's quarrell

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