under my bed recordings The Under My Bed Recordings:
10 years of secret mixtapes

Side B
7- Morose
8- Empty Vessel Music
9- Andrea Rottin
10- Father Murphy
11- Prague
12- Santo Barbaro
13- Sparkle in Grey.

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Track 7

Morose - Molto al di lŕ di Gibiliterra. Morose are: Pier Giorgio Storti, music and all instruments and Davide Landini, lyrics and voice. Morose was born in a hot afternoon during the summer of 98. Soon after, the first recording, which consists of an untitled cassette, was released by the Italian indie label Ouzel Records. After some short works ("Lifespace at a given moment", "Best regards from Hungary"), in 2003 Morose recorded their first full-lenght album: "La mia ragazza mi ha lasciato" (Cane Andaluso, Ouzel, Under My Bed) then they toured Italy and England. In 2005 "People have ceased to ask me about you" (Suiteside) came to light and some changes in the line-up took place, meanwhile the band shared the stage with The Microphones, Sin Ropas, Ant, Azure Ray, Iso 68, Baby Dee, Mi and L'Au, Okkervil River. In 2006 Their third album came from the darkness, "On the back of each day" (Suiteside). The most recent album "La vedova d'un uomo vivo", for the first with lyrics in Italian, was released in June 2009, both in Italy (Boring Machines/ShyRec) and France (Travelling Music). The song which appears on this compilation Molto al di lŕ di Gibilterra stems from the mood of their latest album and represent a further step towards dark, introspective atmospheres, characterised by even fuller arrangements and sharp, cynical lyrics. It has been recorded and mixed in the summer of 2011 between Sarzana and Parma by the band itself.
Track 8

Empty Vessel Music - Where She Goes. Empty Vessel Music is Jennifer Jo Oakley on piano, guitar, accordion and vocals. The project was born in 2003, on a rain drenched afternoon in Seattle. EVM currently calls Portland, Oregon her home. Where she goes was recorded 2007 in Pioneer Square (Seattle, Washington) on a half broken laptop. The song appears courtesy of SirenWire Recordings (Wales/UK)
Track 9

Andrea Rottin - Genghi’s Kahn Cat. Andrea Rottin was born in Treviso, Italy in Winter 1983. 18 years later I wrote some songs reflecting my love for both loud music and acoustic guitar, quite singing and wild screaming, refined and amateurish performing. Then recorded "last songs" with Oswald and "Songs About Nightmares" making very good musicians record with a 1st-take-good-take approach, got exhiled by Italian authorities for that. Then met Atlantic Cable toured with them a few times and joined them on drums. Andrea says of himself: In the last few years, I played with amazing musicians, served a lot of beers, filled unintelligible contracts, composed a score for a silent film, became an expert in the art of fitting amazingly big amounts of stuff into the smallest possible spaces, learnt more about traditional folk songs, taught Italian language to truck drivers, interviewed strangers at the train station, rehearsed in several houses, former weapons factories, pre-schools, basements, anti-atomic bunkers and garages. There’s where his music is coming from. Genghi’s Kahn Cat was a rather ordinary one was performed by Andrea Rottin playing guitar, tamburine and singing. Tomás Majtan played the drums, Bontempi keyboards and singing, and recorded next to my bed. Andrea Rottin is proudly part of Madcap Collective. Thanks to the Barak fauna and the neighbours for their patience.
Track 10

Father Murphy - Hymn for a Kingdom. Father Murphy are: Rev. freddie M. vocals + guitar, Chiara Lee keys and percussions, Vicar Vittorio Demarin drums. Reverend Murphy was born in Brooklyn, New York, hundreds years ago in a hot hot summer. He had one son and a daughter: Freddie Murphy and Chiara Lee. They choose 2 different ways: the little Lee went to China, while Freddie was stuck in Brooklyn. They kept in touch for a while, then both fell asleep for many years. Six years ago they met again in Venice, where they got baptized by Vicar Vittorio Demarin, and there you go: Father Murphy was born. Hymn for a Kingdom was first recorded live in a 4 tracks cassette player, in november 2008, while working on the soundtrack for a Luca Dipierro's clip. Different layers of sound were then added a year later, while recording the No room for the weak EP. The version which appears on this compilation was recorded by Fr. Murphy at Gomma Playground, mixed by freddie M. at the Treehouse, august 2011. Father Murphy appears courtesy of Boring Machines.
Track 11

Prague - In July. Prague is Alessandro Viccaro with the help of friends during live shows and recordings. It's an open project started in 2001 while living in London. At the moment, the band is based in Rome, Italy. In July is a song about how July always bored me to death when I was a child and how many weird comics I used to read to make the time passing by. Alessandro Viccaro played all the instruments and sung as well as recording in taping the song in Latina in 2011.
Track 12

Santo Barbaro - Canto della Nebbia. Santo Barbaro are: Pieralberto Valli (Voice, Guitar) and Franco Naddei (live electronic, sound manipulation). The band was born in 2008 as a singer songwriter project, and. soon produces its first records "Mare Morto", which will later released by Ribéss Records, together with a novel, still written by P. Valli (Un giorno passo e ti libero). In 2010, Franco Naddei (who also collaborates with John De Leo, Luisa Cottifogli, Sea of Cortez, Corde, and many others) joins the band, and soon after they record their second album, "Lorna" (Ribéss/Audioglobe). The song present in the compilation, Canto della Nebbia, is based on a loop of drums and vibraphone (played by Diego Sapignoli) taken during Lorna’s recording sessions. The lyrics and the acoustic guitars, which were composed a few years earlier, were then superimposed. The lyrics f this song were composed together with Canto dei Fondali which appeared on Lorna, and, somehow, forms a counter part to it. This song was recorded at Cosabeat studio (Villafranca - FC) by Franco Naddei.
Track 13

Sparkle in Grey - Marzo. Sparkle in Grey are: Alberto Carozzi: guitar, ukulele, percussions, pre-mixing; Franz Krostopovic: violin; Cristiano Lupo: bass, Matteo Uggeri: field recordings, mixing. Sparkle in Grey began its musical activity as a solo electronic music project in 1999 Since 2005 it has developed to a 4-member band devoted to a sort of electronic and eclectic post-rock. The world eclectic is related to the fact that they like to change from one genre to another, often collaborating with artists of various kinds. Their first full album as a band, "A Quiet Place", released in 2008 with the small cult label Disasters by Choice, was recorded and mixed by Giuseppe Ielasi. An LP called "Whale Heart" was produced in collaboration with the British artist Tex La Homa. Their latest CD is "Mexico" and was recorded by Cristiano Santini (Disciplinatha), mixed again by Ielasi and mastered by Andrea Serrapiglio (Carla Buzolich's Evangelista). Marzo is Part of a sort of Acoustic Calendar that Sparkle in Grey are recording since 2008, and that they don’t know when and if it’ll be released. The song was recorded in Alberto Carozzi’s house by himself.
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