Musica da Cameretta

20 Aprile 2012
Sala Polivalente
(Sopra la Casa del Popolo)


Via Cavallotti 10
Vergiate (VA)
Ore 21:00 - Ingresso Libero
Mr. Henry is one of the most confident and disquieting characters in the Italian alternative scene. His gut passion for blues brings him to be drawn to various local bands until personal as well as musical issues push him towards a search for a more personal vision with the subsequent withdrawal from the scene which he had lived and frequented until then. In the next three-four years, 100 or so songs were born, the majority of which were short and intimate: personal displays, which Mr.Henry has fun distorting and rendering unpredictable, as much in the English lyrics as in the structure of the tunes. His deep voice reminds of artists such as Mark Lanegan and Steve Von Till and his technique is, on some levels, similar to artists such as Mark Linkous (Sparklehorse) and Ed Harcourt, without ignoring some apocalyptic folk eccentricity. Since 2003 Mr. Henry released three critically acllaimed albums: "Lazily Go Through" (Ghost Records - 2003); "& the Hot Rats" (Suiteside/Pulverandasche - 2006); "Ornery" (Terra Desolata - 2008).
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Miss Massive Snowflake Like A Book adds to Miss Massive Snowflake's expanding library of curious and clever progressive pop songs. The charismatic and playful band experiment with orchestral jazz, candy pop, and free-spirited psychedelic rock to create a unique musical vernacular. Miss Massive Snowflake marry traditional familiarities and edgy concepts with catchy energetic rock, and craft deceptively intricate songs. Like a Book blends angled radio hits, a jazz sensibililty, and boy band punk. The songwriter, guitarist, and creative director, Shane de Leon, started the band in 2004 as a family recording project while still in Portland art rock collective, Rollerball. MMS's three early eps and first full length, Queen's Headache, were a mix of electronica, hip hop, and acoustic folk. In 2007 Jeanne Kennedy Crosby entered the band on bass and began moving the band towards a more rock based sound. After the sophomore album Songs about Music was released in 2010, Andy Brown (Jessamine, Fontanelle, Paint and Copter) began drumming for the band. Jacopo Andreini (L"enfance Rouge, Squarcicatrici, Tsigoti) provides horns, percussion, and tour support. Miss Massive Snowflake has played around the West Coast regularly and toured Europe three times. The band will be on tour in the US and Europe in Spring and Summer 2012.

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