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Burnt Circuits Kept Under My Bed

Side A
01. 1Erore
02. Deison
03. Stefano DePonti
04. Fabio Orsi
05. Luca Sigurta'
06. Matteo Uggeri
07. Spring Makers
08. Von Tesla

Side B
01. st. ride
02. Architeuthis Rex
03. Apoteke
04. Marta DePascalis
05. Maurizio Abate
06. Carlo Giordani & Andrea Marutti
07. Mace.
08. Metzengerstein + IOIOI
09. Tettu Mortu
10. Deep Grass

Burnt Circuits Kept Under My Bed
UMB#40. K7. 90 Copies.
OUT SOON: 15th November 2014
Ballestrazzi Uncodified

Balestrazzi Uncodified

Simon Balestrazzi/Uncodified
Eine Ballade/[Untitled] in Crash Tape #10
UMB#43/Old Bicycle Records OBR019

OUT: 8th July 2014
the Calendar

Sparkle in Grey
The Calendar
UMB#44/Old Bicycle/Grey Sparkle/
Lizard /Moving Records & Comics

OUT: 21th June 2014
The Calendar

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