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24 Febbraio 2012
Sala Polivalente
(Sopra la Casa del Popolo)


Via Cavallotti 10
Vergiate (VA)
Ore 21:00 - Ingresso Libero

clinical shyness
My Dear Killer My Dear Killer was born in the middle of the nineties as project aimed at collecting minimalist song-writing, stratified on a mesh of noise, ambient and field recordings. My Dear Killer sound has often been described as a kind of weird combination in between classical folk (think Nick Drake, J.C. Franck, Tim Buckley), alt-folk (too many to mention) and early guitar-based noise scene (think Sonic Youth, Swans and the likes).
From 2000 and onward we recorded several demo-tapes, but the first LP, "Clinical Shyness", was released only in 2006 by Boring Machines , Under My Bed Recordings and Eaten By Squirrels .
In the meanwhile MDK also appeared in a double-single 7" with Prague (EBS#1) in 2005 and several compilations. A new split single, pressed as a 7" ("Glass glow") which will also feature Rella the woodcutter, was released the 15th of September 2011 by Boring Machines.
Sito My Dear Killer

Sparkle in Grey began its musical activity as a solo electronic music project in 1999. Since 2005 it has developed to a 4-member band devoted to a sort of electronic and eclectic post-rock. The world eclectic is related to the fact that they like to change from one genre to another, often collaborating with artists of various kinds.
"t-shirt of sparkle in grey", is their first full album as a band, was followed by "A Quiet Place", released in 2008 for thecult label Disasters by Choice, and an LP, "Whale Heart", in collaboration with the British artist Tex La Homa.
They have also remixed tracks of, or had tracks remixed by experimental artists such as OvO, Nicola Ratti and Telepherique, or by pop blockbusters such as Kiddycar and Micecars.
Their latest CD is "Mexico" they've been compared to a long and strange list of various musicians, including Sol Invictus, Rachel's, Bj÷rk, Piano Magic, Autechre, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Epic 45, King Crimson, Durutti Column, Massive Attack, Neu!, Pan American/Labradford, Tuxedomoon and even Pink Floyd (?)..

Sito Sparkle in Grey

Sparkle in grey
Baggage Claim Baggage Claim alias Fog in the shell, Iaia Fulva, Tascam, Pillow, Something Faded, Fong ed altre infinite s igle, tutte ugualmente sconosciute al pubblico (grande o piccolo che sia), dietro alle quali si nasconde comunque un solo nome, Marco Guizzi, modesto essere umano e maldestro suonatore che da pi¨ di trent'anni cerca di sopravvivere in quel di Milano.
Musicalmente nato sotto al letto (o meglio, sotto la Under My Bed), negli anni ha deciso di fuoriuscire dalla sua cameretta, dove placidamente arpeggiava accordi scordati, nel tentativo di colonizzare uffici disadorni, sottoscala, parcheggi in seconda fila e i divani delle case altrui, sui quali a volte finge di saper dormire con gli occhi spalancati.
Baggage Claim ama esibirsi principalmente per sÚ stesso, ma all'occasione cerca di scoraggiare i suoi occasionali ascoltatori con chitarre acustiche, batterie pre-registrate e voci stonate.

Sito Baggage Claim

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