Lullabies for Earlybirds

Lullabies for Earlybirds

Back To Mine


One Day, or Another

The scent of the Water

1 - Back To Mine
2 - Deserve
3 - One Day, or Another
4 - The Scent of the Water

Techical notes: recorded in Hyndland, Glasgow, Scotland (UK) in October 2009 unsing a TEAC Tascam 424 Mk.III, 4-track cassette Recorder and two shure PG81 microphones. Mixed and mastered @MafarKa BoX, the Lakes' Land, Italy, in October 2010.

Other notes: Lullabies for Earlybirds is a brief collection of songs which were selected from a much longer session of sketched recordings, intended to be test-takes for the album Collectable Items. These takes were cut in Glasgow, using a borrowed 4-track cassette recorder, during the Easter brake of 2009. However, these were not mixed until I returned to Italy the year after. The final mixing (and mastering) of the material I deemed as "barely listanable" was then performed in the Lakes' Land, in October 2010. It was put together in five copies only with the intention of passing it over to close friends (this version has a red carboard cover, held togheter by metal stitches) as a sort of unwelcommed christmas present.
Further 20 copies were pressed later on, 2012, by Under My Bed recordings. This second "edition" (mk.II) comes with a different packaging, with graphics on semi-transparent paper, serigraphy on the CDr, and folded in burgundy coloured cardboard. A handful are still available from UMB or write directly to: My Dear Killer


Lullabies for Earlybird
Lullabies for Earlybird
Lullabies for Earlybird