Glass Glow

Glass Glow


Written and performed by My Dear Killer. S. plays the guitar and does the voice. Field recordings taken in the Lakes' Land. Lyrics by MdK and Bob K. Additional sampling from T.S. Eliot reading The Waste Land. Recorded during February/March 2011, at Magnetic Punch In Floor, The Lakes' Land, Varese, Italy, by MDK and Lorenzo Tubiana (Nasten'ka). Mixed and mastered @ MafarKa BoX. Released on the 15th of September 2011 by Boring Machines (BM33) as a split 7" with Rella the Woodcutter.

For you can swim in oceans made of dreams
and you can quench your thirst in poisoned streams
You can spend your days at fancy balls,
chatting away with guests inside the hall.
But come now to the fire line,
to see the glass that glows, right through the night.
But come now to the fire line,
because what hides within
does keep the fire alight.

Recording "glass glow"

glass glow