Lunatics are right
Lunatics are Right (1999)

Radio Songs
Radio Songs (2000)
Notes to Self
Note to Self (2000)
The Teacup Session
The Teacup Session (2001)

My Dear Killer, Early Works
My Dear Killer started recording demotapes in the winter of 1998/1999. The original early works Lunatics are Right (1998), Radio Songs (1999), Notes to Self (To S.)(1999) and The Teacup Session (2000) were pressed in a very small number copies on tape cassette and are now not available anymore (I run out of recordable K7s!). They were all retaped in a succesive session, in the Summer of 2002 and assembled in a longer tape entitled "Four Stacked Boxes", which was released in approximately 10 copies, surely no more. As the orignal VHS cassette on which the demo was recorded has merged from the forgotten archive during my last house move, I conceived an half-plan of re-editing it all, sometimes. You know, it is down to archivism and lack of a real life, really. Actually some work has been done on the first demo only, Lunatics are right. The rest is in progress. As soon as the work'll be finished, the records will be in free download from this website.