Easter Egg Easter Bunny

The Easter EP

The Scent of The Water

Phone Calls

The Winter Bride

(I Fear) Time

On Day, or Another

Fighting the Storm [Bonus Track]

1 - The Scent of the water
2 - Phone Calls
3 - The Winter Bride
4 - I Fear Time
5 - One Day or Another

Techical Notes: Recorded around Easter 2002 with a TEAC TASCAM 80-8 reel-to-reel multitrack (eight minus one) by Lorenzo T. and Stefano S. @ Magnetic Punch-In, Vergiate, The Lake's Land, Italy. Additional recordings on Scent of The Water at My Bed, with Marco Guizzi, Milan, Italy, July 2002.
Stefano playes the guitar and sings, Lorenzo plays the guitar and the bass, Giulio plays the drums, Marco at tape works. Final mixed at MafarKa Box, August 2003.

Other Notes: These tracks are a straight out-takes from the Clinical Shyness recording sessions. We were advised by a couple of american labels to convert what was intended to an Ep/10" into a proper LP, in order for it to be suitably presses on CD. We picked a few songs that we felt were in harmony whith what it was already recorded. Phone Calls and (I Fear) Time, albeit recorded in different sessions, ended up on the final version of the LP. The Winter Bride and Fighting the Storm (the latter appeared on the More Tapes Kept Under My Bed Compilation) were part of the live set, which also included drums, that we played at the time, and were therefre a straighforward choise. One Day, or Another was suggested as a possible track by Alex Viccaro of Prague, who liked the rough recordings of the Dull Love Songs demo. However, following the recordings we found them unsuitable to be integrated with the already taped material and, as the deal with these labels fell apart for yet unknown reasons, we put these takes together as a short EP. It is freely downloadable from Under My Bed, Under My Bed as all copies are now gone.

scent Phone Calls

winter bride
I fear Time
One Day Another

It is the scent of the water It is the silence at telephone and it is the taste of anger
We are not done for celebration. and commiseration. possibly inclined, bent, resigned to gatherings we'd rather avoid. It is the story of every lifetime. People you barely see, hardly recognise, to whom you are meant to be polite and kind for some sort of written or unwritten rule. and the days pass by slowly like the Easter procession. Definitely. We are not done for celebrations.