My Love a Definition

My Love: A Definition
My Dear Killer + The Fog In The Shell
A Waitress, A Slumber

The Right To Ask

On The Track

The Football Player

The Archivist

1 - The Right To Ask
2 - On The Track
3 - The Football Player
4 - The Archivist

Notes: These songs were recorded at MafarKa Box using a mono cassette recorded (Sanyo Mod. 2551) approximatly in June 2002. The original tape is not dated, the record reported the 10th which might be correct. These recordings were simply ment to be an audio memo of songs that were composed at the time. Finding them a small but nice and coherent ensamble, I passed a few copies of the tapes to a couple of friend, including Marco of the The Fog In The Shell, with whom at the time were (and still are) running the then newly born Under My Bed Recordings. He had the idea of combining the short My Dear Killer set, which took the name, My Love: A waitress with a few spare recordings of The Fog In the Shell (My Love: A Slumber), in what appeared as an EP, featuring the two bands and called, My Love: A Definition. In the process, he also overdubbed the drums on On The Track a song that also feaured in the Mixed Tapes Kept Under My Bed compilation.
The EP have been re-released in 2008 by UMB with a restyled graphic design, in a very limited number of copy and it is currently sold out.

If interested, it can still be downloaded
The right to ask The Right to Ask
On The Track On The Track
The Football Player
The football player The Archivist
The Archivist
Song for M Song for M.
Song for E Song for E.
Song for A.M.
Song for AM Sorry (Live)
We are all strangers in this city. I guess you are, because of your accent. Serving at the table is not your cup of tea either. Annoying customers. Tedious landlords. Cheap music from the loudspeakers and regrettable regulars, like us. The habit of a of weekly visit, just passed five o'clock, like going to mass. The site of an unsung pilgrimage, because I like the ungraceful way you moved to the crammed up table. And how you regularly managed to serve me something I did not ask for. But I never complained. You vanished as you came and we have sung the rimes of different hymns, knowing that you did not belong there. Not even this town of ten millions, several hundred thousands pubs and bar and restaurants and clubs and bed-sits. Somewhere, sometimes, a better tea is brewing.