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My Dear Killer
c/o Stefano Santabarbara
Via delle Ville 27
21029 Vergiate (Va)

Thanks: I am gratefully indebt to everyone who has supported and enco1raged this project in the past decade or so. I wish to express my gratitude to Vasco Viviani @ EeeE and Stefano DePonti for help in releasing and recording The Cold Plan, respectively. ONQ for his patience and help and for playing a variety of instruments during the recordings of The Electric Dragon of Venus. Lorenzo (Nasten'ka) for playing and taking part in the recordings of Clinical Shyness and Glass Glow. Onga @Boring Machines is thanked for just too many reasons, having supported and released Clinical Shyness, The Electric Dragon of Venus and the final an conlcusive album Collectable Items.
Special thanks are also due to Davide Landini & Pier Giorgio Storti (Morose), Matteo Uggeri (Sparkle in Grey), Alex Viccaro (Prague/Eaten By Squirrels), Marco Guizzi (TFITS/UMB), Attilio Novellino, Marta De Pascalis, Giampaolo Loffredo (Lebenswelt), Alice Cannava (Occulto Magazine) and Bob K., for helping keeping MdK alive. So those are the people to blame... you know, it is good to share responsabilities. The thermo-ionic effect, we thank as well. Jolana Guitars is also acknowledged for excellent instruments manufacturing: get your Jolana!