Blind Tarots
My Dear Killer & Matteo Uggeri
L'Albero della Morte

Le Radici del Male

La Corteccia Urticante

La Linfa Avvelenata

I Fiori del Demonio

Il Seme deli'Odio

L'albero della Morte is a joint contributions by My Dear Killer & Matteo Uggeri to the split tape Blind Tarots, in which appeared as Side A. Side B was contributed by the American minimalist neo-folk act Moder Day Monks , the side being entitle The Shade of The Living Lights. The two side of tapes are like two side of a coin, showing related somewhat distant attitudes to appoach soft, minimilist, introspective folk. L'albero della Morte is a instrumental, half improvvisational and broken rithm episod overlayed and blended by a mesh of field recordings and sampling. The shade of the living light can as much be intended of unique composition, featuring a collection of sound sketched and songs. The tapes is hand stamped on heavy recicled cardboard boxes, enriched by three tartots card to interpret fortune as much as misfortune.
The graphics were designed by M. Uggeri. The tape was released by Under My Bed Recordinds (UMB#048) in 50 Copies only and it is now sold out.