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Performing artist: Schlock
Composition title: Headless Nought

Synthesis, sampling and effects warez:
Music 2000 (Codemasters / Jester), running on a Playstation One
Vaz Modular 2.0 (Martin Fay)
Granulizer plug-in from Fruityloops 3.3 (Image-line)
Dspfx Virtual Pack (Dspfx)
Effect Processor Pro 2.0 (AnwidaSoft)
Revalver Live (Alien Connections)
Vst Plugins: Grungelizer, Tranceformer, BJ Wavechanger

Editing warez:
Cool Edit Pro 1.2 / 2.0 (Syntrillium)
Wavelab 4 (Steinberg)

Master Processing warez:
T-Racks 24 (IK Multimedia)
Optimizer plug-in from Dspfx Virtual Pack (Dspfx)
Analyser Pro (PAS)

This song was written by Gianluca Licciardi 2001. All vocals were recorded using a cheap microphone, then processed thru a band-pass filter. All toys were programmed and played by gi; "34 aged brother" generated a lot of discomfort and sheer hate; Joanna Gorayewska made Gi happy (but she still does) while the completion of this track. That's all. Note for listeners: check if Schlock actually exists writing at this e-mail address,; if you're shy, just send a bottled message.

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